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    6 hours ago from Cefic

  • RT @ICCA_Chem: Just one of our highlights from the panel discussion: "Must have a regulatory regime that facilitates innovation that allows…

    12 hours ago from Cefic

  • RT @ICCA_Chem: ICCA–UNE 1st kick-off meeting in Argentina bringing stakeholders together to enhance Responsible Care©, sound management of…

    12 hours ago from Cefic

  • RT @MMens: Speaking at the Clean energy and industrial Competitiveness conference in Sofia. A great challenge for #industry will be that al…

    yesterday from Cefic

  • DYK that #petrochemicals are at the heart of many future-shaping innovations? Discover @EUPetro‘s brand new site to…

    yesterday from Cefic

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Regulatory Framework

Getting responsible chemicals management recognised throughout the entire supply chain of the chemical industry under a “proportionate framework”

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Facts and Figures

The 2017 Cefic European Facts & Figures provides an analysis of the latest competitive trends in the European chemical industry.

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Responsible Care

The Responsible Care ethic helps chemical companies to operate safely, profitably and with due care.

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