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Our latest news and events

Register Now: Cefic REACH networking event supports best practice in chemical safety

Brussels, 27 June 2016 - On Friday 1 July 2016, Cefic welcomes a core group of stakeholders for a REACH event. Taking place at Le Plaza, Brussels, the event will share the latest information on REACH and unite delegates from companies, associations, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), the European Commission, and competent authorities to exchange views and experiences .

Energy efficiency debate underlines new market opportunities for EU chemical industry

Brussels, 23 June 2016 - In advance of a European Parliament vote today on EU Energy Efficiency Directive targets, representatives from the Parliament, Commission and incoming Slovak presidency joined the EU chemical industry at a Cefic workshop to share perspectives on challenges and opportunities for an energy efficient Europe.

Waste water legislation successfully revised for EU chemical sector

Brussels, 20 June 2016 - Cefic has welcomed the recent conclusion of the revision of a wastewater regulation specific to the chemical sector, as a model for good cooperation between industry, legislators and policymakers.


Key EU policy issues for our industry

Endocrine Disruption

EU chemical, crop protection and plastics industries react to European Commission Proposal for Endocrine Disruptor Criteria

Trade Secrets & Intellectual Property

European Institutions adopt EU Trade Secrets Directive.

Emissions Trading Scheme |ETS|

Cefic reacts to the Commission's ETS Reform Proposals.

Waste Management

Moving from a waste-oriented to a resource-oriented legislative framework - Cefic position paper on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive

Energy Efficiency Directive |EED|

View Cefic's responses to EC Consultations on the "Review of Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency" and on the "Preparation of the New Renewable Energy Directive."

Industry Support

Advice & guidance to companies


The Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Effficiency Excellence aims to boost energy efficiency across the European chemical industry, particularly in small- and medium-sized companies.


This service is the one-stop access to funding opportunities from European Commission funding programmes and select regional and national governments to develop sustainable innovative solutions for the chemical industry.

Responsible Care for SMEs

First time validated tools on chemicals management, energy efficiency, occupational health, process safety, transport safety, and other areas, making them freely available for everyone.

Implementing REACH

Cefic has developed a number of guidance documents and tools to support companies in the implementation of REACH as well as to enhance harmonisation of procedure.

Transport & Logistics

Ensuring safe transport and handling of its products, with care for the environment and in full accordance with regulations, is of key importance for the image and reputation of the chemical industry.

Regulatory Framework

Getting responsible chemicals management recognised throughout the entire supply chain of the chemical industry under a “proportionate framework”

» Learn more about Regulatory Framework

Facts and Figures

The 2016 Cefic European Facts & Figures provides an analysis of the latest competitive trends in the European chemical industry.

» Learn more about Facts and Figures

Responsible Care

The Responsible Care ethic helps chemical companies to operate safely, profitably and with due care.

» Learn more about Responsible Care