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    | Position Paper | combination effects of chemicals

    24 October 2018

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    | Joint declaration | Joint declaration on the legal framework to manage risks related to the use of reproxicity susbtances at the workplace

    16 October 2018

    The chemical industry and trade unions today agreed on the future framework to further protect EU workers from the risks associated with exposure to substances toxic to reproduction at the workplace. In a joint declaration signed today, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), industriAll European Trade Union, the European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) and the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) call on the European Commission to strengthen the current system of protection of workers’ reproductive health.

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    | Position Paper | Better Regulation Stocktaking

    15 October 2018

    Cefic views on the Stocktaking of the Commission’s Better Regulation approach.
    Cefic welcomes progress under President Juncker’s Better Regulation Agenda and invites the incoming Commission to follow up on and deepen existing rules and practices.

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    | Cefic Position | Better Regulation for Better Results - an EU Agenda

    12 October 2018

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    | Position Paper | Cefic Manifesto for a competitive Europe

    17 September 2018

    This document outlines specific recommendations from the chemical industry aimed at reinforcing the industry’s role as an enabler of all other manufacturing sectors, building on the Commission’s communication’ Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable industry “A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy’.

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    | Joint Statement | Cefic and ECHA joint statement to work on effective implementation of REACH

    15 June 2018

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    | Position Paper | Chemicals regulatory cooperation after Brexit

    12 June 2018

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    | Position Paper | EC Mobility Package

    30 May 2018

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    | Cefic Key Messages | Innovation CAN impact the European Strategy for Plastics

    18 April 2018

    The European chemical industry supports the transition towards a circular economy as part of a strategy to make Europe more resource efficient. This can be achieved both by avoiding unnecessary material and energy losses throughout the life-cycle of products and maximising value by keeping resources circulating in loops, after first usage, many more times than today. Environmental reasons and business arguments suggest doing so. Follow this link to learn about the Cefic position on Circular Economy. Cefic also developed a position on the issue of chemical safety in a circular economy in general.

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    | Joint Statement | Cefic, ECEG and industriAll European Trade Union statement on Brexit

    27 February 2018

    The UK’s decision to leave the EUpresents a political and economic challenge that creates significant uncertainty for companies and their employees. Cefic, ECEG and industriAll Europe are united in their concern about the adverse impact that Brexit could have on the viability, international competitiveness and employment within Europe’s chemical industry on either side of the channel. A joint-approach is needed to ensure that the chemical industry, and the high-quality European jobs connected to the industry, are protected from any adverse effects caused by Brexit.

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