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Press Releases

The releases are in listed in reverse chronology, starting with the most recent.

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    Joint cross sector workshop on alternatives for skin sensitization testing and assessment

    23 April 2015

    [23 April] The Long-range Research The Initiative programme (LRI) of Cefic in co-operation with the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) and Cosmetics Europe organized a joint workshop to discuss the latest scientific developments of alternative approaches and strategies to animal testing in the skin sensitization area.

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    ERM & Cefic Agree on Sale / Purchase of ReachCentrum

    16 April 2015

    Cefic subsidiary ReachCentrum has been acquired by Environmental Resources Management (ERM).

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    Society needs a compass

    16 January 2015

    Cefic’s response to the Commission’s consultation on defining criteria for identifying which substances will be considered as endocrine disruptors

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    Saving the planet without costing the Earth

    24 October 2014

    Cefic statement on the European Council agreement reached October 24 on the 2030 climate and energy policy framework.

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    Chemical industry benefits from general economic recovery

    20 June 2014

    European chemicals output will grow by 2.0% this year, driven by rising demand from customer industries, particularly car-makers, and some stabilisation in the construction industry.

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    Cefic statement on WTO Ruling on China, Rare Earths

    26 March 2014

    A statement by Cefic on the WTO ruling on Chinese rare earths and other raw materials restrictions.

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    Europe needs competitive energy and affordable climate policy

    20 February 2014

    Statement by Cefic on February 20 U Council on Competitiveness dealing with the latest European Commission proposals on energy and climate policy.

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    Trade facilitation deal will boost global trade

    11 December 2013

    Statement by Cefic on global trade facilitation deal agreed by the World Trade Organisation in Bali.

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    European Commission takes critical step to protect trade secrets

    28 November 2013

    Statement by Cefic on aoption by European Commission of proposal for a directive on protection of trade secrets

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    Cefic, JCIA release joint statement on EU-Japan FTA

    13 November 2013

    Cefic and the Japan Chemical Industry Association continue to support ambitious, comprehensive trade agreement between the EU and Japan.

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