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News from 2017

Below is a list of the latest news published in 2017. The latest three stories appear in the Cefic newsroom page.

  1. Cefic welcomes new report showing path for G20 to deliver on climate and sustainability

    27 March 2017

    Brussels, 27 March 2017 – Cefic welcomes a new report drawn up by major global business forces which offers a series of recommendations designed to enhance the efforts of the G20 towards a sustainable world economy.

  2. Rome Treaty 60th anniversary: Cefic highlights joint future for industry and Europe

    24 March 2017

    Brussels, 24 March 2017 –  To mark a historic milestone tomorrow with the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Cefic has reiterated its commitment to a joint future for industry and Europe. An open letter to Commission President Juncker, Parliament President Tajani as well as Council President Tusk outlines this vision.

  3. Responsible Care Awards 2017: EU chemical companies, celebrate your achievements!

    22 March 2017

    Brussels, 22 March 2017 –  To celebrate the achievements of Europe’s highly innovative chemical companies, Cefic is looking for applications for its annual Responsible Care awards ceremony.

  4. Circular economy: New Accenture study shows opportunities for EU chemicals

    16 March 2017

    Brussels, 16 March 2017 – A new Accenture study demonstrates the potential of the EU chemical industry to be a driver for the success of the circular economy.

  5. LRI Innovative Science Award 2017: Apply now!

    08 March 2017

    Brussels, 8 March 2017 – Young chemists are welcome to apply to win Cefic’s LRI Award which this year offers a 100.000€ research grant in the field of dose-response of synergy in combined exposure to humans or environmental species. The deadline is 19 March.

  6. Emissions trading reform: Cefic calls on Parliament to push Member States to do their part on innovation

    02 March 2017

    Brussels, 2 March 2017 – In reaction to EU Council’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) negotiations this week, Cefic calls on the European Parliament to safeguard industry’s ability to invest and innovate, and provide their part of the EU innovation fund.

  7. EU Industry Day: Meet the chemical industry again!

    28 February 2017

    Brussels, 28 February 2017 – To kick-start discussions at EU Industry Day and beyond, Cefic has published a new report that introduces the chemical industry in each European member state as well as overall for Europe.

  8. Carcinogens & Mutagens Directive: Industry and social partners’ unite for greater worker health & safety

    27 February 2017

    Brussels, 27 February 2017 – Cefic has united with European social partners including industriAll and the European Chemical Employers’ Group to endorse the European Commission’s review proposal for EU-wide binding exposure limits in the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive and calling the Parliament to respect the proposal as it moves through the legislative process.

  9. EU chemical industry President welcomes Competitiveness Council endorsement of vision for industry in Europe

    21 February 2017

    Brussels, 21 February 2017 – Following a speech by Dr. Hariolf Kottmann, Cefic president and CEO of Clariant before the Competitiveness Council, Commissioner Bienkowska has endorsed a vision for the future of manufacturing industry in Europe. The speech pointed to how Europe is on the cusp of losing its hold as a major world industrial power, and urgent action is required.

  10. EU chemicals join 92 sectors asking Commission to fulfil promise for EU industry strategy

    16 February 2017

    Brussels, 16 February 2017 – Cefic and more than 90 other industry associations in Brussels have signed a joint declaration today calling on the European Commission to reaffirm its vision for industry's role in Europe and increase its attractiveness as a destination for investment.

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