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Hydrocarbon Resins, Rosin Resins And Pine Chemicals Producers Association (HARRPA)


HARRPA represents European based producers of resins. The resins are base on natural and petrochemical raw materials.



 The main objectives of this Sector Group are: 

  • maintaining a positive image for the products by promoting their safe and proper use
  • monitoring environmental, health and safety EU regulations and promoting their applications.

Located in Brussels, HARRPA is a sector group within the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) structure.


Our membership

Did You Know? HARRPA membership comprises 19 companies all listed by type of production (Rosin Resin, Hydrocarbon Resin or both) Read more. 


Our raw materials

Did You Know? The members produces resins using raw materials that are derived from from co-products from the petrochemical industry), and natural feedstocks like (gum) rosin exuding from (pine) trees. Read more 


Our applications

Did You Know? These resins are applied in numerous products that you are using in your daily life, like for instance paint, diapers, tape, sealants, rubbers, tires, chewing gum, cosmetics and many more. Read more


More information

Check-out our publications

Go to HARRPA Workplace (membership only) 



Joël Wilmot
+32 2 676 7288 

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