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    Why is a “no deal” Brexit a problem under REACH?

    14 February 2019

    European chemical companies have been informed by their trade associations from the onset of the Brexit negotiations about the possible risk of a “no deal” scenario. Cefic has issued recommendations for preparedness work to be undertaken. Notwithstanding many uncertainties practical guidance regarding a UK out of REACH scenario was first published in October 2018 followed by updates in February 2019

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    | Briefing note | Brexit : Preparing for a future “UK out of REACH scenario”

    13 February 2019

    ue to the highly interconnected nature of chemicals supply chains, Brexit will have important implications in the area of chemicals regulations for companies both in the UK and in the EU27/EEA countries. Assuming that the UK would leave REACH as result of Brexit, Cefic and the UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA) have prepared a briefing note to support business across Europe in preparing for the potential effects Brexit may have on REACH compliance.

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    | Letter | To Heads of State and Government ahead of EU Council - Regulatory alignment post-Brexit

    16 October 2018

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    | Position Paper | Chemicals regulatory cooperation after Brexit

    12 June 2018

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    | Joint Statement | Cefic, ECEG and industriAll European Trade Union statement on Brexit

    27 February 2018

    The UK’s decision to leave the EUpresents a political and economic challenge that creates significant uncertainty for companies and their employees. Cefic, ECEG and industriAll Europe are united in their concern about the adverse impact that Brexit could have on the viability, international competitiveness and employment within Europe’s chemical industry on either side of the channel. A joint-approach is needed to ensure that the chemical industry, and the high-quality European jobs connected to the industry, are protected from any adverse effects caused by Brexit.

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    | Joint Statement | Cefic and CIA on Brexit and the future

    14 November 2017

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