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Responsible Production & Use of Nanomaterials

Responsible Production & Use of Nanomaterials

This guidance brings together and shares best practice on the concrete application of Responsible Care to the development and use of nanomaterials. It focuses on the six Core Principles of the Responsible Care Global Charter – and, using concrete examples from our member companies and federations, describes ways in which each of these principles are applied to nanomaterials.

The document is intended as a continual “work in progress” which will be updated as these new technologies evolve.

Regulatory Framework

Getting responsible chemicals management recognised throughout the entire supply chain of the chemical industry under a “proportionate framework”

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Facts and Figures

The 2018 Cefic European Facts & Figures provides an analysis of the latest competitive trends in the European chemical industry.

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Responsible Care

The Responsible Care ethic helps chemical companies to operate safely, profitably and with due care.

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