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Energy Efficiency

Improvement of energy management to save cost

Energy Efficiency

Tools in this category address the efficient management of energy to improve practices and technologies in heat and power generation, the review of the steam flow in processes and its optimization and the use of electricity. SMEs can save energy costs by as much as 10-20%.



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Energy Efficiency Self Audit Guide

High energy prices are stimulating efficiency improvement in the chemical industry. This self audit guide assists SMEs in undertaking energy audits and to assess their energy performance in a simple step-by-step approach. It is best used in combination with the ""Energy Efficiency Best Practice Manual"", which provide a lot of additional information.

Both tools have been developed and tested by CARE+, a EU project to help SMEs to realize energy savings and improve energy efficiency.

Translated: Polish, Bulgarian, Italian
Contact: Martina Beitke

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Manual

The best practice manual focus on eight areas, which are considered to offer most energy saving opportunities for chemical SMEs. They provide a benchmark for energy management and show the different improvement potentials, differentiating by good housekeeping measures, low or no cost, and issues where investment might be pay off well.


Translated: Polish, Bulgarian, Italian
Contact: Martina Beitke

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