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Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe (GME)

Uses and properties

Gelatine is a natural and healthy ingredient with a long tradition. It is a pure protein obtained from animal raw materials containing collagen. It is a unique hydrocolloid and used in many applications due to its gelling, thickening, binding water, foaming and stabilising properties. There are several types of gelatine - edible and technical powder gelatine, leaf gelatine, instant gelatine and hydrolysed collagen used in functional foods and dietary supplement. Gelatine is most commonly used in confectionery, dietary products, dietary supplements, and desserts.


GME Secretariat

Marc Vermeulen
Tel: + 32 2 676 74 46

Line Jensen
Tel: + 32 2 676 73 34 


Ewald Gelatine
Gelatines Weishardt
Lapi Gelatine
Juncà Gelatines
PB Gelatins
Reinert Gruppe Ingredients
Trobas Gelatine

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Marc Vermeulen
+ 32 2 676 74 46

Regulatory Framework

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