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European Polymer Dispersion and Latex Association (EPDLA)

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EPDLA, the European Polymer Dispersion and Latex Association (Cefic Sector Group) is dedicated to promote the safe manufacture, transportation, distribution, handling and use of waterborne polymer dispersions and lattices, in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. EPDLA members are committed to Responsible Care® principles and have implemented risk management measures accordingly. 

Polymer dispersions are mixtures, which consist mainly of water and high molecular weight polymer particles. The polymer dispersions technology has been used safely and successfully for more than 50 years and has contributed to a significant reduction in the release of organic solvents in the environment.

Schematic Polymer Dispersion production process:

EPDLA Semi continuous process



Water based Polymer dispersions and lattices can be used as binder in various applications such as:



Carpet Backing 

    Food Packaging       Glass Fiber
  Non Woven    epdla paint   Paints
 epdla-application-paperboard   Paper & Board    epdla plasters   Plasters
EPDLA _ SURFACE COATING   Surface Coatings        


The issues of concern to EPDLA are mainly related to:

  • Environment & Chemical policy
  • Consumer applications:
    - Food Contact Materials
    - Drinking Water
    - Cosmetics Packaging
    - Toys
  • Air Quality
  • Biocides


EPDLA membership list

Supporting documents & positions

EPDLA's documents and positions

EPDLA organisation chart


Flore Cognat
Tel: +32 2 676 72 03

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