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European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG)


Fine Chemicals are made to high specifications at relatively low volumes (<1000 te) and high price (>>$10 per kg) in multi-purpose, batch chemical (or biotech) plants. The sector fits between low added value commodities and higher added value specialty and consumer chemicals.

European Manufacturing

Europe is the world leader in Fine Chemicals. The 150 or so European manufacturers range from smaller, often privately- owned companies to business units of larger companies. Sales range from millions to hundreds of millions of Euros.

They successfully compete in the $75+ billion global market (  “Fine Chemicals - The Industry and Business”, Peter Pollak, Wiley 2007) against the USA, Japan and emerging countries, especially India & China. The largest markets are pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals but for a detailed market breakdown of EU chemical sales in 2009. 

More information on EU Chemical Sales to be found on the Facts & Figures document page.

EFCG Organisation

Membership, presently 47 organisations, is open to all manufacturers of fine chemicals in Europe or those who represent them.
EFCG’s objectives are to achieve a level playing field globally, to be the voice of the European Fine Chemicals Industry and to promote innovation. Find out more at –

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Significant progress has been made in ensuring a level playing field including improved understanding of the threats from poor quality imports and improved EU regulation and guidelines to deal with them. We have contributed materially to delivering a workable REACH Regulation and ensuring that it is Enforced uniformly within the EU and at its’ borders. The reputation of the European Fine Chemicals Industry has been advanced through very successful networking events, a high, constructive profile with global regulators and engagement with other trade bodies in the USA and Far East.  We are involved in trying to redefine the EU’s approach to innovation and are working co-operatively to exploit knowledge from current programmes. 

More Information


Download the GDUFA Presentation - EFCG Press Conference 25/10/2011 - Frankfurt Germany


Maguy Saykali
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